Zapier Automation

Don’t want to start your workflow with a form? Use Zapier to trigger Reflective submissions with 3,000+ apps


Our Zapier Integration allows you to trigger a Reflective workflow without relying on the Reflective Web Form to manually collect the data. Zapier has access to countless other app platforms that you may want to use to collect data. 

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What is Reflective?

No-code automations that keep humans in the loop so you can scale even the most complex, manual processes

Full Automation

If this,
then that

Human Touch

If this,
then decide


You do the heavy lifting

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Full automation is amazing – when it works. But it breaks down when there’s a lot of edge cases. When things get too complex teams tend to fall back to manual work but then get overloaded with busywork.

With Reflective you simply decide and actions are carried out for you. We combine human touch with automations to keep you in control while eliminating the busywork.