Webhook Automation

Build your own app integrations in just a few steps using URL endpoints, headers and JSON request bodies.

Build new integrations between Reflective and other apps


Use webhooks to integrate Reflective with your own app or other APIs which we don't yet natively integrate with. We offer a Webhook automation as well as alternative version called Webhook (Raw). Webhook (Raw) is useful in situations where you need more flexibility such as nesting in your JSON body. Our standard Webhook automation which is generally easier to use and provides the additional benefit of allowing non-technical operators to review and tweak the JSON body for each submission.

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What is Reflective?

No-code automations that keep humans in the loop so you can scale even the most complex, manual processes

Full Automation

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Human Touch

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Full automation is amazing – when it works. But it breaks down when there’s a lot of edge cases. When things get too complex teams tend to fall back to manual work but then get overloaded with busywork.

With Reflective you simply decide and actions are carried out for you. We combine human touch with automations to keep you in control while eliminating the busywork.