To-Do Automation

Make sure nothing slips through the cracks with a simple but versatile checklist item

Keep track of every step in a workflow with To-Dos


To-Do's are perfect for actions that you need to take outside of Reflective. For example if a teammate needs to make a phone call, you can set it up as a To-Do with the title "Call the candidate". By capturing all the individual to-do's that make up a workflow you can be sure steps are not missed plus the submission activity log will keep you in the loop on progress.

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What is Reflective?

No-code automations that keep humans in the loop so you can scale even the most complex, manual processes

Full Automation

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Human Touch

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Full automation is amazing – when it works. But it breaks down when there’s a lot of edge cases. When things get too complex teams tend to fall back to manual work but then get overloaded with busywork.

With Reflective you simply decide and actions are carried out for you. We combine human touch with automations to keep you in control while eliminating the busywork.