Build sales workflows that help your team close more deals

Build success workflows that help your team improve adoption

Build operations workflows that set your team up for success

Reflective is the fastest way for business teams to take action on customer data. Connect your CRM, build a workflow, and level up your team.

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  • Customer Success
  • Operations

Stale Opportunities

Every Thursday before the Pipeline review, ask reps to update any stale opportunities directly in Slack

Customer Success Handoffs

Whenever a deal is updated to “Closed Won”, initiate a handoff between the AE & CSM in Slack

Product-Led Growth Motion

Whenever a large customer signs up reach out to schedule a demo or enroll them in your best sequence

Death by a thousand paper cuts

All those extra tabs, clicks and keystrokes are soul-sucking, error-prone, and holding your business back

How many deals are you losing because of the complexity of your tool stack? How much is employee productivity suffering from all the unnecessary work?

Get more out of your GTM stack with Reflective

Off-the-shelf tools never fit together the way you need them. Take control with Reflective and get the most out of your stack with workflows that let you work the way your business runs best.

No technical help required — you can do this.

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Build your no-code workflow in minutes

As simple as drag and drop

  • Endlessly Adaptable

  • Conditional Branching

  • Human Touch

Simply drag and drop the actions you want to perform. Quickly rearrange your workflow as your business evolves. Duplicate entire sections with one click.

Use logic to split your workflow by complex conditions on your fields. Escalate on large deals, require manual reviews in certain cases. The possibilities are endless.

Actions can be fully automated or configured to wait for human input. Use Slack forms to get input where your team already lives.

Instant Adoption: No new tool to learn

Use Slack Forms to get input where your team already lives.
Take action in any app right within Slack.

How it works


Connect to a source

Trigger directly off of your source of truth be it a CRM, warehouse, CDP, or database.

Connecting is as simple as logging in.

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Trigger on virtually anything

Use our visual condition builder to drill down a source to exactly the data you want to trigger on.

No SQL or coding required.


Schedule the action

Triggers can be virtually real-time or tune them to fit the rhythm of your business.

For example, use a CRON expression to sync every Thursday at 9am.


Drag and drop

Now the fun begins.

Simply drag and drop the actions you want to perform. Branch the workflow and handle complexity in a breeze.

Take action in the apps that drive your business

We already support over 30 actions in your favorite apps with more popping up every day